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Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee leads Gold Leaf Strategies, LLC and has been involved in state government since 2002. Rachel earned an Associate of Arts degree from Arapahoe Community College and transferred to Metropolitan State University of Denver, where she earned a baccalaureate degree in Political Science, with a minor in Public Speaking.


While in college, Rachel began her state legislative career as an intern and then an aide for a state representative.  She then worked in Governor Bill Owens’ administration, beginning as a receptionist at the front desk and then advancing to serve as the Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff, the Deputy Chief of Staff, and Legislative Analyst, handling all of those responsibilities concurrently.

Rachel began lobbying in 2008 while working for a Colorado contract lobbying firm.  She worked on a broad array of issues and honed her skills in legislative strategy and relationship development.  In 2014, Rachel started working as an in-house lobbyist for CVS Health as a Regional Director of Government Affairs where she lobbied and oversaw government affairs in multiple states in the Western United States including Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming. 

Rachel launched Gold Leaf Strategies, LLC in 2018 and is excited to offer her unique skillset and experience as both a contract and corporate lobbyist to her clients. 


Having experience both as a contract lobbyist and an in-house Government Affairs specialist provides clients with a one-of-a-kind perspective and advocacy skillset.

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Gold Leaf Strategies, LLC is a state government and public affairs firm focusing on legislative lobbying, political consulting, public policy, and legislative strategy. 



This firm has broad experience lobbying at the state legislature for multiple industries including health care, higher education, pharmaceuticals, environmental, workers' compensation, land development, and general business. In addition to lobbying, Gold Leaf Strategies
assists clients with regulatory issues, political strategy, local and executive advocacy, and public policy consulting.

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Blue Bear Statue
Team Discussion


Gold Leaf Strategies provides lobbying services with state elected officials at the General Assembly and Executive branch.


We invest in cultivating relationships and understanding the legislative process to advocate on behalf of our clients and the constituencies of Colorado.

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Regulatory Affairs

Advocacy does not always end once a bill is signed into law. The Colorado regulatory environment can be cumbersome and powerful.


Gold Leaf Strategies assists clients within the regulatory framework to ensure that clients’ voices are heard when regulations and rules are promulgated.

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Political Consulting

Our country’s two-party system guarantees that issues are never black and white and not always bi-partisan.


Our firm can help navigate these sometimes-treacherous political waters, when issues can be politically oriented as well as policy oriented.

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Local Affairs

With Rachel Lee’s unique in-house experience, Gold Leaf Strategies understands that local issues can be just as critical as state issues.


We can assist clients with specific local issues and have experience engaging appropriate elected officials at the local level.

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Public Policy Consulting

Gold Leaf Strategies advises clients on public policy goals and the best way to achieve those goals at the State Capitol or alternate avenues.


Capital Presence

Lobbying at its heart is a contact sport.


Gold Leaf Strategies has a presence daily at the Capitol during the legislative session and attends interim activities with relevance to their clients.

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